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Mom was short on drawer space, so we shopped around to see if we could find something appropriate. All the dressers we looked at were either too small or too expensive, so I decided to try my hand at making one........ At 68"W X 37"H X 22"D, it ended up being quite a bit bigger than my workbench.


Frame and Feet

The carcase was made of red oak veneer plywood with ash inner and oak outer framework.


Drawers were dadoed 5/8 ply with oak veneer ply faces. Each face was edged with a solid oak frame.


Mom likes cedar, so I lined several of the drawers with thin ripped slices of aromatic cedar.

Drawer Pulls

Drawer handles were made by sandwiching a bloodwood band with oak.

Drawer Pulls

The bloodwood band matches the inlaid top.

Drawer Pulls

The finished bloodwood contrasts very nicely with the oak.


The raised drawer frames and bloodwood provide some depth and contrast.


The mirror was oversized so it remains in scale with the dresser.


Inlaid bloodwood bands the frame to match the dresser top and drawer handles.


The width of the bloodwood inlay and banding is the same throughout the piece.

Dresser Body

The raised-frame drawers and foot design give some character to the dresser front.

Inlaid Top

The top has the same bloodwood inlay as the pulls and mirror.

Final Bottom

The mirror will be added once I've finished the side shelves and crown moulding that hold it upright.

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